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The Warm Machine - 3D-1.png

available in ebook & paperback

From Amazon 5 star reviews:


"A smashingly original concept on the whole dystopian trope."

"What a thrilling read, had me gripped from the start."

"A fast-paced action-packed thriller of a read set in a dystopian near-future."

"This book raises some big questions about where technology is headed and can we maintain control? And are the choices we make made for us? A gripping read from a new dystopian voice."

"The mix of science fiction and religion worked well to create a captivating read."

"Great read, highly recommended."

"If it was a film, it would be a fast-paced thriller."

"Seth Rain ensures that this is a debut to be remembered, full of twists, turns, action and hope - this is a Hunger Games for a new generation!"

"The pacing and character development were fantastic, I just kept wanting to read more and I can’t wait to get started on the next book."

"If you want a unique variation on a dystopian future you can’t go far wrong with this!"

"A gripping read from a new dystopian voice."

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