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Humanity Series - Book One

The Warm Machine

Like 144,000 other men, the date Scott Beck will die is tattooed on his left palm.
Unlike 143,999 other men, his date is wrong. But to prove it, he must die.

When the first dates are shown to be accurate, many begin to question whether the deaths have been predicted, or are due to the intervention of an administrative religious organisation called the Watchers.

If Scott Beck does nothing, an AI powerful enough to predict the deaths of everyone on the planet will bring about the Rapture, and the end of humanity.

Combining dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk fiction, The Warm Machine is the first novel in the five-part Humanity Series, depicting a near-future in which humanity is on the brink of annihilation.

It’s not the end of the world … only humanity.

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"A smashingly original concept on the whole dystopian trope."

"What a thrilling read, had me gripped from the start."

"A fast-paced action-packed thriller of a read set in a dystopian near-future."

"This book raises some big questions about where technology is headed and can we maintain control? And are the choices we make made for us? A gripping read from a new dystopian voice."

"The mix of science fiction and religion worked well to create a captivating read."




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Humanity Series - Book Two

The dead horizon

Some call it the Rapture. Others call it a global genocide. Whatever it was, only thousands of survivors remain on Earth.

When Scott Beck finds himself alive after the Rapture, along with only a few survivors, he retreats to the Lake District in the north of England. Soon after, he finds himself the reluctant guardian of a young woman and on the run from Mathew, a religious megalomaniac, and his Watchers, who are as determined as ever to send every human soul to heaven.

The AI, controlled by Mathew, informs Scott of a dead horizon, past which its view of the deterministic universe vanishes, meaning it can no longer see the future.

Scott, along with what remains of humanity, having lived with the paradox of knowing his own demise, must once again embrace freedom and take hold of the smallest offering of hope if he and humanity are going to survive.

Rejoin Scott Beck’s fight to save humanity in Book Two of the Humanity Series.

It’s not the end of the world … only humanity.

The Dead Horizon - 3D.png

"I’ve been looking forward to The Dead Horizon since reading The Warm Machine. I ripped through this book in one day. The Dead Horizon is brilliant."

"Full of pace and energy and a scarily accurate view of a dystopian future it is a series well worth reading. I highly recommend .. I'll be buying the 3rd ..right about now!"

"Loved this follow-up to The Warm Machine. I can't wait for book three..."

"I loved everything about this book, the characters, the locations and the way I was drawn into Scott’s fight to save humanity."





Humanity Series - Book Three

The violet dawn

In a time of deceit, the truth is more important than ever. But the truth, with humanity on the verge of extinction, is a luxury Scott Beck cannot afford.

Eighteen years after the Rapture, there are only a few thousand survivors left on the planet, all living in Britain. Scott, along with his adopted daughter, Eve, have kept a small band of survivors safe from Mathew and a religious organisation called the Watchers, intent on sending every last soul to heaven.

But when Scott discovers dozens of dead bodies, recently killed by something called The Violet Dawn, he is confronted once again with the truth behind Eve’s violet eyes.

In possession of what remains of an AI that could either destroy or save humanity, Scott faces an impossible decision. If he is to help humanity survive, he must confront the darkness of human extinction.

Rejoin Scott Beck’s fight to save humanity in Book Three of the Humanity Series.

It’s not the end of the world … only humanity.

The Violet Dawn - 3D.png

"The menace, paranoia and rapid speed of developments don’t let up, after book 1 & 2, and at times everything feels hopeless and inevitable, but there’s always hope, and with so many plot twists, you just HAVE to read it (as fast as you can, to keep up!)."

"It’s so emotional and heartbreaking in parts but that only serves to prove just how attached I became to some of the characters, despite the fact everyone was dropping like flies."

"It has a breathless pace, with twists I didn’t expect, sadness I didn’t expect and once again I was rooting for Scott to help save humanity, against Mathew and the AI.
The Humanity series is a dystopian thriller, but more. It’s a story of ordinary people being forced to do extraordinary things to survive. It is a story of what in the future could become reality."




The Violet Dawn - Ebook.jpg

Humanity Series - Book four

The Digital Resurrection

Scott Beck always knew it was going to come to this. It was there all along. The last stand. It's time for Scott and humanity to stop running and to fight back.

Unified in their desire to stay alive, humanity retreats to the southwest of England where they discover the AI has taken residency in a small chapel in St. Ives. Intent on saving humanity, the AI is ready to end the life of every human and to bring them back, along with eight billion other humans, in a digital resurrection. Neither Scott, the survivors, or Mathew, his nemesis, want this to happen. Scott is faced with a choice: either side with Mathew, or give into an AI ready to end the life of the last human survivors on the planet.

Trapped, closed in from all sides, Scott Beck fights against the odds to keep his family and humanity alive.

It's not the end of the world ... only humanity.

The Digital Resurrection - 3D.png

"As this series is progressing I’m also beginning to wonder, if this series was picked up to be filmed, who I would like to see as Scott and Mathew?"

"This book is full of the pacy twists and turns, but also adds detail to Scott's life and shows a gentler, more caring side of him. I continue to be amazed at the imagination of this series and can't wait to see what happens next..."

"This is the fourth book in an amazing series by an author who is rapidly becoming one of my new favourites."




The Digital Resurrection - eBook.jpg

Humanity Series - Book Five

The Human Genesis

The FINAL Book in the haunting, apocalyptic, dystopian, Humanity Series.

Life has its time in a cold universe.

A species has its time on Earth.

A human has their time to live.

The end is here. Scott Beck has fought tirelessly against what seems to be the inevitable demise of humanity. The final novel in the Humanity Series concludes Scott Beck’s fight against Mathew, a crazed megalomaniac intent on killing every last human. 

Desperate to keep his two sons alive, as well as what remains of humanity, Scott and his small following retreat to Land’s End in the UK for what promises to be his final stand against a tyrannical, relentless force. 

Either Scott and humanity survive, or Mathew and his genetically modified New Humans get their way and rid Earth of what they see as an inferior human race. 

Join Scott Beck in his final battle to keep humanity alive.

It's not over yet...

The Human Genesis - 3D.png

"Excellently written, as ever, the conclusion of all the pointless suffering is finally here. Another fast romp through shed loads of danger and adversity."

"Rain managed to build up to a climax which was different - but every bit as good, if not better - than what I had imagined it would be by halfway through the book. A very good read if you like dystopian stories. Well worth your time!"

Another exciting and final chapter in this series. I love the way the book flows and keeps you thinking just one more page and then I'll go to sleep."



The Human Genesis - eBook small.jpg


The Human Genesis - eBook small.jpg

The Complete Humanity Series

It's not the end of the world ... only humanity!

All five books in the haunting Humanity Series have been brought together in one digital collection. Follow Scott Beck in his quest to keep himself, those he loves, and humanity alive.

Combining dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk fiction, The Humanity Series depicts a future in which humanity is on the brink of annihilation. Join the adventure before it's too late!

The Human Genesis - 3D Boxset.png

"This series should come with a warning, I HAD to keep reading, it’s compelling stuff."

"I originally read the trilogy as three separate books but wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one as if I’d been able to, I wouldn’t of had to wait for books 2 and 3! If you love dystopian thrillers, you’ll love Seth Rain’s vision of our future."

"Quite honestly one of the best dystopian series I’ve read in a long while - it’s up there with the Maze Runner series, the Chaos Walking series and the Hunger Games series - also note that all of those mentioned are big selling or soon to be big selling (Chaos Walking is currently in production) films. The Humanity Series has it all, fully fleshed out characters, a genuinely unique take on a dystopian future and a storyline that pulls you wherever it leads and you can do nothing but to follow!"



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